Hello All!

Once again, I’ve been absolutely dreadful when it comes to posting. But it’s a new month which will bring new -hopefully good- things. Work has been going well, though my overnight job is slogging and makes me completely drained by the next morning where the whole cycle starts over again.

In other news I’ve made decent progress with my draft though I am still running behind on my daily quotas to the point that I think I might just go by scene instead of word count. Even as I type I have a full chapter outline waiting patiently scrawled in my notepad. It will have to wait until I come back from work tonight. I have a very active imagination, which is good for the line of work I’m pursuing, but I am an admitted procrastinator which isn’t so good for a line of work that consists of the dreaded deadlines. *shudders. I have tons of ideals swirling around, that I’ve been scrabbling to write down on paper before I forget. Some of them I know I would like to turn into drafts others I’d probably manipulate into short stories or fanfiction. So at least when I finish this one, hopefully before my 2 month deadline is up, I’ll be able to start on the next one which simply won’t leave me alone. It’s quite distracting to try and stay within the world of one novel but then another ones plot keeps coming together so well that I’m tempted to stop one and “chase the shiny”. Going through my Twitter feed, I’ve found that I’m not the only one and from various advise I’ve decided it would be a very bad move to chase after the new story before finishing the old one. It gives you the bad habit of always starting thing without finishing.

I know I certainly have enough bad habits.

I’ve found that I work better with background noise, something quiet enough that it isn’t distracting but loud enough to keep other noises at bay. It helps me zero in on a story and stay there. Then there are the playlists that help me with a particular scene. Currently I am obsessed with Andrew Bird’s “Anonanimal”

And of course I have a weakness for stop-motion animation. It’s very happy making.