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I’ve been a bit neglectful over the past few days as far as blog posting is concerned. I’m trying to figure out a workable posting schedule that limits big gaps but isn’t draining for me. I’ve also begun working on building a backlog of fiction/poetry work to prepare for a weekly “special” post within the next week or so.

In other news I finally have a full weekend off and after preparing for months I’m going to Upstate New York to Syracuse to see ‘Circa Survive’ perform on Friday*

*Herein we see the neglecting nature of my posts lately. I started working on this blog post on Wednesday and am currently snug in bed at a B&B in Syracuse after a wonderful performance.

I was introduced to a new band , “Ume” the opening act for Circa Survive, and though it took me a few songs before I could decide, I liked their sound. I’m a person that loves a good melody almost as much as lyrics that I can understand, so as soon as they performed one of their songs with a heavy beat and moving melody both I and the rest of the crowd were into it. Watching Ume perform was an experience that left little doubt to their love of music and the energy they put into their sets. During the performance each member played in a way that was very near making love to their instrument.Making love is quite literally the only way I can describe the pure energy and physicality that they exuded on stage and the crowd lapped it up.

Of course people were there to see the main act but for the opening band to walk away with new fans from those who had never heard of their music is a solid achievement in my book. I will definitely buy their music and look forward to the day that they’re the headliners.

I had forgotten the feeling that a live show brings. The last live performance I had been to had been to see the band “Say Anything” perform in NYC over a year ago. There’s just something about being able to actually feel the music as it rattles around your ribcage. To feel the thick thuds of the drum through the soles of your feet and the scream and thwacks of the guitar and bass in your ears. There’s a physicality to being at a live show surrounded by other living breathing people with their scents and heat and even their sweat. There’s a sense of oneness within a group that develops for the brief time that the show is there.

I was also quickly reminded that it had been a long time since I had been in a mosh pit as well. Noteably it had been gentler than others that I’ve been in, more mutual pushing and shoving than the violent thrashing of limbs and fists, but it still doesn’t change the fact that I was very surprised to have a pit open up with your’s truly smack dab in the middle.

The true treat began when Circa Survive finally made an appearance on stage about which I will say this: No one does showmanship quite like Anthony Green. He was funny and energetic and truly made the performance. I’d never seen a crowd so quickly whipped up into an almost cult-like lather at a show before. It was amazing. It was like magic. Falling under the thrall of a musician that truly knew how to work his craft and a crowd. I’m sure if anyone was taking pictures that night,most of the faces captured would have been in the midst of some form of euphoria.

There were far too many fun and amazing things going on for me to name but a few of the highlights were for one having made the trip at all. Having lived in New York almost all of my life travelling to Syracuse alone and knowing no one was not only the first time I’d ever been Upstate but also a freeing experience. Just the scenery alone was enough to make me want to come back but also the people were wonderfully friendly. I’m sure not everyone is but the fact that the solo trip was so much fun and didn’t go wrong in areas where it could have gone really really wrong was enough to leave a good impression.

(An example of where it could have went wrong is when I first arrived to the venue fresh off the bus and being told that I couldn’t bring my bag inside: the one bookbag I brought that held my sleep clothes, laptop, wallet[ID,Cash, Debit Card, SSC] phone, keys, book & food/water.[Despite the list it was an average sized backpack, just full] But the bouncer was very nice after checking if I was under 21, which I am for about 3 more months, and drawing a big black X in marker across the back of each hand and let me leave my bag behind the ticket desk.)

Another highlight was that I booked a room on AirBnB.com to rent a room in someone’s home for the night and my host turned out to be a perfectly nice young man around the same age as me. The home and room was lovely and in a quiet neighborhood close enough to the theater venue where the show was held to walk to. I did begin to walk into the wrong yard in the dark but very a quiet calico cat keeping watch sat in the driveway staring at me silently. I suppose it was telling me that I had the wrong house. At least it kept me from the embarrassment I’m sure I would have felt had I went rummaging in the neighbor’s mailbox for a key that would have most certainly not been there.

The friendliness of everyone and shear abundance of nature up there made me yearn to be surrounded by trees again. A hiking trip in the future has to be in order!

Getting back to the subject of pits I really was surprised by the camaraderie everyone (in the section I was in at least) seemed to have for each other. No crowd surfer was dropped despite the rudeness of putting your sneakers unexpectedly in someone’s neck. When a young man fell in the pit no less than six people rushed to pick him up.And Anthony who had been goading the crowd into a higher frenzy was very hands-on with the fans. Quite a few very lucky crowdsurfers were beckoned to and allowed to grip his hands before very no-nonsense roadies whisked them off. One especially exuberant and very long blond haired man was crowd surfing and singled out by Green with:

“YOU. Yes. Come here baby hippie. Little Hippie Puppy. Scooby Doo.” The guy and the crowd was in heaven and laughing even at the bar.

He may have also asked the crowd to lick our neighbors sweaty cheek and become one, which to my knowledge no one took him up on. Hopefully.

It was a very enjoyable evening spent dancing poorly, moving to the sway of the crowd and being crooned to by a very charismatic man with a melodic high pitched voice.

The music isn’t as hard pounding as other bands I listen to which makes it very good writing music because of most songs melodic quality.

Isn’t the album art absolutely lovely?