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Starting pages isn’t my strong suit, at least not without involving a few restarts, page crashes and nail biting so it’s either dive in head first or keep dithering at the edge. As I’ve been debating on how to start this blog and ultimately what it’s going be about for months I’d say I better jump now.

To be honest I’ve never blogged before, especially not for what I mean to become a fully public but mostly personal piece. I have various authors that I admire and due to the fortunes of the times, they’re very reachable through social media and considering how I’d very much like to become one of those reachable authors I’m striving to emulate some aspects of their model. Of course when first starting out with anything I (and probably many others) start out by copying the style of others until we get a feel for what works best and what doesn’t with our voice and personality. This has been my mini-disclaimer for the inevitable hodge-podgey mix of blog ideas until I can get my sea legs and can create something truly my own.

What I hope for this blog to be is part journal, books reviews, art/photography posts and of course writing. I’m a big fan of Erin Morgenstern’s blog, especially her flax-golden tales and will probably post small short stories or drabbles in a similar manner. In fact if it wasn’t for reading Ms. Morgenstern’s  blog and viewing her journey from unpublished writer to best selling author this blog (and my now steadfast belief that if you have a story to tell there’s no point in waiting for permission to do it) probably wouldn’t be happening or at least not for a couple of years.


Here I am nattering on but forgetting probably the most important detail of the whole introduction thing:

Hello All, I’m Anne Kearney (not the chef!) and welcome to my blog.